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Web Payment


Customers make purchases on a merchant website with Web Payment methods. The user scans the displayed QR code to pay, confirms the total amount and makes the payment. Finally the customer can be redirected to a selected page on the merchant's website using the return_url parameter. The selected wallet will deduct the payment amount from the consumer's wallet in real-time in HKD and QFPay settles the payment amount to merchants in HKD.

HTTP Request

POST ../trade/v1/payment

800201Wechat Online WEB Payment (HK Merchants), details please refer to Wechat WEB QRC Payments
801514Alipay Online WEB Payment (HK Merchants), details please refer to Alipay Online Payments
800714UNIONPAY PC-Web Payment (HK Merchants)
805814PayMe Online WEB (in browser Chrome etc.) Payment (HK Merchants)

Request Parameters

txamtYesInt(11)Payment amount of the transaction. Unit in cents (i.e. 100 = $1)
txcurrcdYesString(3)Transaction currency. View the Currencies table for a complete list of available currencies
pay_typeYesString(6)Payment type e.g. PayMe Web Payment = 805814
out_trade_noYesString(128)API Order Number, external transaction number / Merchant platform transaction number: This parameter must be unique for each payment and refund request under the same merchant account in the system.
txdtmYesString(20)Request transaction time format:
YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
(MPM only)
String(3)Order expiration time, QRC expiration time in unit minutes. The default expiration time is 30 minutes. The parameter can manually be adjusted to a minimum of 5 minutes, and up to a maximum of 120 minutes.
goods_nameNoString(64)Product name identification, Goods Name / Marking: Cannot exceed 20 alphanumeric or contain special characters. Cannot be empty for app payment. Parameter needs to be UTF-8 encoded if it is written in Chinese characters.
mchidNoString(16)QFPay merchant number. May or may not be given to merchant. If MCHID is given, it is mandatory to provide the MCHID .On the contrary, if MCHID is not provided, merchants shall not pass the MCHID field in the API request.
txzoneNoString(5)Transaction Time zone: Record of the transaction in local time, default time zone is Beijing time UTC+8 (+0800).
udidNoString(40)Unique transaction device ID. Is displayed on the merchant portal.
return_urlNoString(512)Redirect URL that the user will be redirected to when the payment finishes.

Response Parameters

pay_typeString(6)Payment type e.g. PayMe Web Payment = 805814
sysdtmString(20)System transaction time, format:YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
This parameter value is used as the cut-off time for settlements.
txdtmString(20)Request transaction time, format:YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
resperrString(128)Response message
txamtInt(11)Payment amount
respmsgString(128)Other message information
out_trade_noString(128)External transaction number
syssnString(40)QFPay transaction number
respcdString(4)Return code, 0000 = Request successful.
1143/1145 = merchants are required to continue to query the transaction result.
All other return codes indicate transaction failure. Please refer to the page Transaction Status Codes for a complete list of response codes.
pay_urlString(512)Payment URL, generate QR code in Desktop web