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QFPay API is a comprehensive payment solution that offers various payment methods to meet the needs of different businesses. This API documents the process of integrating with QFPay and the requirements for developing a successful integration.

Build your integration, let our products empower your business

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Experience swift, secure shopping with our in-store payment solution. Accepts all major cards and e-wallets. Quick, convenient, and crafted for you.

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Online Shop

Enjoy secure, instant online payments with our solution. Supports all major online scenarios and e-wallets / credit cards. Fast, flexible, and designed for your convenience.

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Boost your online store payment abilities with our e-commerce plugins for Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento. Easy to integrate, reliable, and designed to enhance your business.


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Technical Supporting

Do not hesitate to ask any questions about integration business services, and more.

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SDKs Downloads

Quick way to find out our SDKs