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Visa / Mastercard Online Payments

We currently support credit card payments in the Hong Kong environment. All major credit card issuers are supported.

Payment Steps

For credit card online payment integration, merchant can select one the the following integration methods

  1. QFPay Checkout Services
  2. QFPay Element SDK

Asynchronous Notification

QFPay will also send the asynchronous payment notification for the transaction status update

Sample notification payload

"cardtp": "5",
"cancel": "0",
"pay_type": "802801",
"order_type": "payment",
"clisn": "054256",
"txdtm": "2021-12-08 07:04:15",
"goods_detail": "",
"out_trade_no": "354267281",
"syssn": "20211208180500020000001637",
"sysdtm": "2021-12-08 15:04:16",
"paydtm": "2021-12-08 15:06:51",
"goods_name": "",
"txcurrcd": "HKD",
"chnlsn2": "",
"cardcd": "",
"udid": "qiantai2",
"userid": "1130000355",
"txamt": "1",
"chnlsn": "",
"respcd": "0000",
"goods_info": "",
"errmsg": "success"

Test cards

Test cards are available for the Sandbox environment for result simulation.

FieldValueExpected Result
card - MasterCard5200000000001096valid
card - Visa4000000000001091valid
card - MasterCard5200000000001005valid (3DS frictionless)
card - Visa4000000000001000valid (3DS frictionless)
card - MasterCard5200000000001120failed (at verification)
card - Visa4000000000001125failed (at verification)
card - MasterCard5200000000001013failed (at 3DS frictionless)
card - Visa4000000000001018failed (at 3DS frictionless)