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Merchant Present Mode (MPM)

MPM process-flow

MPM API Request

Endpoint : /trade/v1/payment

Method : POST

PayType :

800101Alipay Merchant Presented QR Code Payment in store (MPM) (Overseas Merchants)
801501Alipay Merchant Presented QR Code (MPM) Payment (HK Merchants)
800201WeChat Merchant Presented QR Code Payment (MPM) (Overseas & HK Merchants)
805801PayMe Merchant Presented QR Code Payment in store (MPM) (HK Merchants)
800701UNIONPAY Quick Pass Merchant Presented QR Code Payment (MPM)
802001FPS Merchant Presented QR Code Payment (MPM) (HK Merchants)
803701Octopus dynamic QRC Payment - Merchant Present Mode (MPM) (HK Merchants)

Description : The merchant generates a dynamic QR code based on the Alipay / WeChat Pay protocol and presents it to the customer. The user opens their Alipay / WeChat Pay wallet and scans the displayed QRC in order to complete payment. This szenario applies to offline as well as online payments, for instance on websites.

Request Header:

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded;
Content-Length: 218,
Chunked: false,
X-QF-APPCODE: A6A49A66B4C********94EA95032,
X-QF-SIGN: 3b020a6349646684ebeeb0ec2cd3d1fb

Request Body:

expired_time=10&goods_name=qfpay&limit_pay=no_credit&mchid=R1zQrTdJnn&out_trade_no=Native20190722145741431794b8d1&pay_type=800201&txamt=20&txcurrcd=HKD&txdtm=2019-07-22 14:57:42&udid=AA
import urllib.request, urllib.parse, urllib.error, urllib.request, urllib.error, urllib.parse, hashlib
import requests
from hashids import Hashids
import datetime
import string
import random

# Enter Client Credentials
environment = ''
app_code = 'FADB8A87E0674012979F5443AA81ECF1'
client_key = 'F644B1389AD24C25BEFE8BE10C31C878'

# Create parameter values for data payload
current_time =
random_string = ''.join(random.choices(string.ascii_uppercase + string.digits, k=32))


# Create signature
def make_req_sign(data, key):
keys = list(data.keys())
p = []
for k in keys:
v = data[k]
unsign_str = ('&'.join(p) + key).encode("utf-8")
s = hashlib.md5(unsign_str).hexdigest()
return s.upper()

# Body payload
txamt = '1' #In USD,EUR,etc. Cent
txcurrcd = 'HKD'
pay_type = '800101' # Alipay MPM = 800101, WeChat Pay MPM = 800201
#auth_code = '287255838063025836' # CPM only
out_trade_no = random_string
txdtm = current_time
goods_name = 'Food'
mchid = 'lkbqahlRYj' #Hashids("qfpay").encode(2546286, 2532824) #(Agent ID, Merchant ID)
key = client_key
notify_url = ''

#data = {'txamt': txamt, 'txcurrcd': txcurrcd, 'auth_code': auth_code, 'pay_type': pay_type, 'out_trade_no': out_trade_no, 'txdtm': txdtm, 'goods_name': goods_name, 'udid': udid, 'mchid': mchid}
data = {'txamt': txamt, 'txcurrcd': txcurrcd, 'pay_type': pay_type, 'out_trade_no': out_trade_no, 'txdtm': txdtm}

r ="/trade/v1/payment",data=data,headers={'X-QF-APPCODE':app_code,'X-QF-SIGN':make_req_sign(data, key)})


The above command returns JSON structured like this:

"surcharge_fee": 0,
"qrcode": "",
"pay_type": "800101",
"surcharge_rate": 0,
"resperr": "success",
"txdtm": "2020-04-23 11:09:24",
"out_trade_no": "364ZK6BAJGYHMU3TUX0X7MGIGQL4O8KI",
"syssn": "20200423066200020000976054",
"sysdtm": "2020-04-23 11:09:27",
"txcurrcd": "EUR",
"respmsg": "",
"chnlsn2": "",
"cardcd": "",
"udid": "qiantai2",
"txamt": "1",
"respcd": "0000",
"chnlsn": ""

Request Parameters

Public payment parameterPlease refer to the Public Payment Section for more details
pay_tagNoString(16)The default value is: ALIPAYHK
Alipay Continental version: ALIPAYCN
(MPM only)
String(3)QRC expiration time in unit minutes. The default expiration time is 30 minutes. The parameter can manually be adjusted to a minimum of 5 minutes, and up to a maximum of 120 minutes.
Available for WeChat and Alipay
limit_payNoStringThe parameter value is specified as no_credit, and credit card payment is prohibited. This setting only applies to mainland China.

Response Parameters

AttributeSecondary AttributeTypeDescription
QR CodeString(512)
Public payment parameterPlease refer to the Public Payment Section for more details