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Q1. In provided test account credentials which one is the partner or the merchant identifier?

A1. If you're an agent which provides payment services for merchants; X-QF-APPCODE and ClientKey are the partner while MCHID is the merchant identifier. If you're a merchant then X-QF-APPCODE and ClientKey are merchant identifier and MCHID is not provided.

Q2. Can I use given (Test/Production) account in another country?

A2. No. An (Test/Production) account is country specific.

Q3. How can I test a transaction?

A3. Since test environment is a replica of production you can use production wallets to test transactions. If you need any assistance please contact tech support.

Q4. I receive a 1143/1145 response code, what should I do next?

A4. It's advised to keep querying transaction status. If partner/merchant wants to process as binary status (success/fail), can mark the transaction as failed and upon a successful asynchronous notifications can apply for refund at backend.

Q5. There is no specific title for the payment method I want to integrate, what should I do?

A5. You should use Public Payment Parameters and check the special cases in Notes section at the end of the Payment Codes.

Q6. Can I refund a transaction made n day(s) ago?

A6. Only if the total transaction of the day is equal or greater than the refund amount you can refund.

Q7. Do you transfer funds to our bank account when we test transactions in the sandbox environment?

A7. There are no settlements possible in the sandbox environment. Please make sure that you refund test transactions immediately after testing.

Q8. Can I use my overseas Alipay wallet to pay?

A8. No, currently only real-name identified Alipay wallets which belong to Mainland Chinese citizens can be used to conduct cross-border transactions.